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Security Risk of Employee Turnover

Revolving Door

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Employee Turnover can pose a significant security risk. This is especially true during these times where work-from-home is becoming increasingly common. The danger comes not only from the departing employee but also from the new employee taking their place.

Departing Employees

Most people realize the importance of disabling windows login accounts, forwarding phone numbers, and email addresses. But did they have access to vendor websites, bank accounts, or cloud-based applications?

Create a termination checklist in advance, so steps are not inadvertently skipped.

Disable Windows login
Retrieve Company Equipment
Retrieve Keys
Remove access to vendor websites
Remove access to cloud-based tools
Forward email
Forward phones
Communicate to the rest of the company that the employee is no longer employed and that they should not discuss company business with them

New Employees

So you have been able to backfill the position vacated by the departing employee. Did you know that new employees are one of the most significant security risks? Not because they are substandard employees, but because they are inexperienced and can be easily tricked into giving unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

It is critical to provide your new employee Cyber Security Training as quickly as possible. This training should cover such items as:

Physical Security
Password Security

Sounds complicated, but with proper training and planning, it can save your business!

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