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The Importance of Physical Security

Physical Security

Physical Security is critical. Don’t let your firewall be your single point of protection. (You do have a firewall right?)

A hacker or a bad actor that has physical access to your information, whether it is a server, a desktop, or a laptop, can access your business-critical information. The latest tool they can use is, (drum roll please)… 


Windows, Linux, and Linux computers that have Thunderbolt ports are all vulnerable. In 5 minutes with just a screwdriver, the evil-doer can gain full access to the information on that computer. Thunderspy can exploit your server or PC even if you follow the best security practices by locking your computer, using strong passwords, setting up Secure Boot, or even enabled full disk encryption. There is only one protection, physical security.

This vulnerability is hard to exploit with proper physical security measures in place. This is particularly important if it is a server But you should secure any computer that holds critical and/or confidential information. 

My company and I can help you secure your network. Call us for a free security assessment @ (214) 227-2437.

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