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Protect Your Business from Phishing Scams

Phishing Scams

How to guard against Phishing Scams

– 4 Quick Tips –

  1. Don’t login to company websites via emails or texts. These can be dangerous. If a company wants or needs you to login to your account, you should already know how to access your account from the company’s own site or app. Even if it takes a few more clicks, it’s time well saved because you will automatically miss out on “logins” that could compromise your security.
  2. Don’t make payments via links in emails or texts. This is like point 1. If you need to pay a company online, go to the payment page by using a link from a document you already have such as a contract or a recent bill. Don’t get persuaded, begged, or frightened into taking exactly the “short cut” the crooks want.
  3. Don’t turn off security features because a document tells you to. Avoid opening unexpected or unsolicited email attachments if you can (if you do, don’t click links in those documents). If a document asks you to [Enable content] when you open it or make some other security downgrade, don’t do it – it’s a trick.
  4. Don’t trust apps because the app maker tells you to. App reviews, positive app comments, and high download counts are cheap to buy. Reputation must be earned – it can’t be bought or self-declared. If in doubt, ask someone you know and trust for advice.

My company and I can help you secure your business against Phishing Scams as well as other cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Call us for a free security assessment @ (214) 227-2437.

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