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Hackers are preying on your Corona Virus (COVID-19) Fears

Corona Email Hacks

Hackers are preying on your Corona Virus (COVID-19) Fears.

We all know the Corona Virus crisis is real. Well, the bad guys never let a crisis go by without exploiting it. They are sending out phishing emails by the millions trying to infect your computers or harvest personal information including log-in credentials.

It works like this, Cyber-Bad Guys send out emails that appear to be from legitimate organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. The email may want you to click on a link or open an attachment. Be very careful. DO NOT enable content on a document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) unless you are 100% positive it is safe.

If it is a link, be sure to verify that it is going where you think it is. You can hover over the link or button in your email (before you click) and it will show you where the link will actually take you. For instance here is a link that looks like it will take you to Microsoft’s website


but it will really take you to the KMJ Pro home page. Hover your mouse over the link and see for yourself.

Here are a couple of more examples:

In closing, there are anti-phishing, anti-malware products, as well as other security tools that KMJ Pro can help you set up and use to protect you and your company. If you need help in that area, contact KMJ Professional Resources by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of this page.


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